The Big Excavator Has Turned Over Again! A Simple Action Saved The Driver's Life!

The Big Excavator Has Turned Over Again! A Simple Action Saved The Driver's Life!

Date:Jan 23, 2018

Since the last new machine has been turned over, the project has been stable, and the situation has gradually improved. There was a little savings on the hand, plus a lot of work at that time, so I wanted to buy another machine.

The situation improved and a two cell phone

But looking for a good two mobile phone is not an easy thing. It has been running for more than a month and did not find a satisfactory car. So I decided to go to the 31 company to see, just entered the door of the company encountered the leadership of the insurance department, the previous one was handled by him. I talked with him about the purpose of the company, and I didn't know what happened to him. There was a debt car that had just completed the formalities in the bank the other day, and the machine was still in the legal hangar. The original company didn't move at all.

I went to see, this is a car in the second half of 2010, looks bad, the bucket is broken over, trackboard mild wear, severe wear of caterpillar (may dry earth, but more than a road). But the engine, hydraulic pump, valve dry, not a bit grease. To get out of the fire, the speed is quite fast, the walking force is powerful, that is, the black smoke is a bit big. I thought that the cold machine was not concerned.

At that time, the price was directly discussed, and the deposit was made without hesitation. The company made free paint for cars, free welding and dug, and supported several rounds. When it was released from the factory, it was directly pulled into the river to dredge as the new ones.

The machine has been working on the site for more than half a month, and the site reacts to the machine's fuel consumption and black smoke.  Later, I thought it might be the problem of injector and plunger, and asked one of the 31 big customers of the company to contact a Hefei repair factory. In the morning, the person called in the afternoon to remove the diesel pump and changed the injection nozzle and plunger of the pure imported 4800, and then the machine was much better.

To cry without tears, the excavator turned over again

But there's good times don't last long. The new car that was not expected to turn over once again was turned over again. The machine was cleared at the site of the mountain at that time, and there were no other people on the site. The driver to call me "boss, digging over, you hurry to!"

My God, how did you turn over the car again, my God, are you happy with me? At the scene, a lot of pieces of glass were broken up. I climbed to the machine and saw that the engine and hydraulic pump didn't hit. The middle arm piston rod was directly inserted into the soil, and there was no big difference in initial judgement. The driver who is right, through his forehead a little. It may be the reason why I had experienced it once. This time I am calm. I have called the police on the way, and the insurance company has also informed them that they have come to take some photos and ask who the driver is.

The rescue process in the back was similar to the last time that 2 cranes were called and hoisted at the same time. I asked the driver what was over, he said that the slope is very steep, no judge good terrain, closed arm lift arm when the machine will roll down the machine, roll 450 degrees in the mountains, thanks to the arm up, just a slight deformation of the cab, this is unfortunate in lucky. I believe this world I was the first person with a car over 2 times, and near misses, to remind the master work on the slope digging machine, be sure to pay attention to good judgment, terrain, accident will be the big arm lift can effectively protect the cab!

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