The Characteristics Of The Rubber Crawler Of The Excavator

The Characteristics Of The Rubber Crawler Of The Excavator

Date:Jan 24, 2018

Characteristics of rubber crawler walking system

Rubber track has the characteristics of light weight, small vibration, low noise, great adhesion, good surface adaptability and no damage to the road surface. It is especially suitable for urban road construction.

The basic structure of rubber track and steel track is the same. Usually, it consists of a guide wheel, a supporting wheel, a driving wheel, a hidden wheel, a crawler and a walking frame. The main differences and characteristics are:

(1) the rubber caterpillar is the whole continuous crawler with the rubber molding, the heart is reinforced with the fabric and a number of wire rope, the outside has the crawler, and the inside has the transmission. The steel transmission parts are embedded in the vulcanized rubber belt. The main parameters of the rubber caterpillar are the pitch, the number of joints, the width of the crawler, the pattern of the pattern, the style of the buried metal parts.

(2) the driving wheel is installed on the walking reducer, which is used to roll the track to ensure the operation of the equipment. The moving wheel used for rubber crawler uses a convex tooth, and the pitch is 128mm. In the course of the crawler work, the bending stress can cause the fatigue damage of the track, so the driving wheel diameter is not easy to be too small.

(3) the supporting wheel, supporting wheel and guide wheel are separated on both sides of the track teeth, and are pressed on the rubber plane, so as to prevent wheel rim cutting and severe rubber compression, the rim width is larger: because of the higher gear teeth, the wheel body is larger.

2. Main points of use and maintenance

(1) there is a suitable tensioning force. The tensioning force is too small, the caterpillar is easy to fall off, and the tensioning force is too large, it will reduce the life of the track. When checking and adjusting, it is necessary to lift the walking system with a single side. The height of the system should be 10-20mm when the tension is tight, and it can be adjusted by tensioning.

(2) during the machine running, we should avoid sharp objects, so as not to scratch the tracks. We should avoid turning too fast on the high friction coefficient concrete pavement, so as not to tear the rubber. It should normally avoid turning too fast, too fast, try not to turn to unilateral track.

(3) do not stick a crawler to a corrosive substance, and once it is found, it should be removed immediately.

(4) in long-term storage, it should be placed indoors to avoid sunning and rain. Before the storage, the crawler should be cleaned to prolong the service life.

(5) change in time.

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