The Daily Maintenance Of The Wheel Loader

The Daily Maintenance Of The Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


The wheel loader is a kind of construction machinery of earthwork, which is widely used in highway, railway, ports, coal, mining, water and other projects and city constructions. It plays a key role in reducing the labour intensity, increasing the speed of the engineering construction and improving the project quality. Its main function is to shovel the loose material and transport goods in a short distance. We may see the wheel loader at most. There is another caterpillar loader. Compared with the wheel loader, the caterpillar loader has the advantages of good maneuverability, low damage force on the road and easy operation. Therefore, the wheel loader is widely used. There are many kinds of wheel loader, different ones have different working conditions. So each one has different maintenance period. Today, I will talk about the daily maintenance of the wheel loader particularly. The following steps should be finished by the driver himself before and after driving.

1.Check the oil level of the engine. If the oil level is lower than the oil scale, the fuel oil should be added. If the oil level is higher than the oil scale, we should find the reason.
2.Check the oil level of fuel tank.
3.Check the tightening and sealing situation of the engine, torque converter, hydraulic pump and steering gear to see whether there is overheating phenomenon or not.
4.Check whether there is the leakage phenomenon of oil, water, air, liquid, electricity and so on and so forth.
5.Check the transmission shaft, the cardan joint, the bolt in every hinge pin to see whether they are loose or losing or not.
6.Keep the loader tidy and clean. No oil, dirt, debris, etc.
7.Check the machine to see whether there are the abnormal phenomenon of abnormal sound and buffet or not.
The above is the daily maintenance for the wheel loader. Hope to be helpful!

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