The Difference Between The Wheel Loader And The Bulldozer? The Difference Between The Loader And The Scraper?

The Difference Between The Wheel Loader And The Bulldozer? The Difference Between The Loader And The Scraper?

Date:Jan 22, 2018

What is the difference between a bulldozer, a scraper, a loader?

1. Bulldozer

Bulldozers are one of the main machinery of earthwork machinery, which are divided into two types of crawler type and tire type by way of walking, because the tire type bulldozers are less. This paper mainly describes the structure and working principle of a crawler bulldozer.

The basic operation of bulldozer excavation is A. load soil B. deliver soil C. unloading soil.

2, Scraper

The scraper is a kind of machinery which can complete the excavating, transporting soil, unloading soil, filling and leveling. According to the different walking mechanism, it can be divided into towing scraper and self-propelled scraper. According to the different operating system of the scraper, it can be divided into hydraulic and cable type craper. The craper is operated flexibly and is not restricted by the terrain. It does not need special roads and has high production efficiency.

3. Loader

Loader is a widely used earthwork machine for highway, railway, building, hydropower, port and mine construction. It is mainly used for shoveling bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, coal and so on. It can also do light shovel and dig for ore and hard soil. Different auxiliary equipment can also be used for loading and unloading of soil, lifting and other materials such as wood. In road construction, especially in high-grade highway construction, loaders are used for filling and digging of subgrade engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt mixture and cement concrete yard. In addition, we can carry out the operation of pushing the soil, scraping the ground and pulling other machines. Because loaders have many advantages, such as fast operation speed, high efficiency, good mobility and easy operation, they become one of the main types of earthwork construction in engineering construction.

Scraper is just as its name implies: shoveling soil and transportation!!! Scrapers generally shovel the soil in their own places and put them in their own belly. At most 500 meters to 2000 meters, the soil is then unloaded and placed in the place where the soil is needed.

A self-propelled loading and unloading machine for loading scattered materials to vehicles or other equipment. The loader can also carry on the light shovel work, through the replacement of the corresponding working equipment, but also can carry on the earth, lifting, loading and unloading of wood and steel pipes and other operations.

The scraper can be used as a loader, but the loader can not be used as a scraper.

A machine driven by a tractor with a wide and blunt horizontal shovel to remove land, road structures, or similar work.

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