The Driver Of The Pay Loaders Must Have Five Senses

The Driver Of The Pay Loaders Must Have Five Senses

Date:Feb 13, 2018

The driver of the pay loaders must have five senses

1. Turning the steering wheel like a hand tires

The wheel pay loaders uses the full hydraulic steering, which is very light and flexible and has a small angle, so it only needs to be rotated gently. When the operation is not suitable for beginners, there are dragon, jitter and killed steering, impact phenomenon, operation xinlimeidi. A good car driver will have the same phenomenon when the loader is driving, and it can be corrected for a long time. In this way, the efficiency of the construction is reduced on the one hand, and the damage speed of the machine is accelerated on the other hand. So finding this kind of feeling requires beginners to have a steady mind. Don't be anxious for success. With small throttle, slow motion, first decomposition, practice and careful practice, we can have a clear idea of it, so as to steadily improve the operation level without damaging the machinery.

2, the feeling of proper coordination between the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal

The wheel loader transmission mechanism without the clutch pedal, and the domestic automobile driver training institutions so far, most still use manual vehicle trainees, the loader driving habits of thought left beginners the brake pedal is the clutch pedal, practitioners often make mechanical sudden braking, and practitioners are unaware of, easy to cause the accident. To find this feeling, requires the beginners have sufficient theoretical knowledge and plenty of simulation training, in practice and when the coach can sit on the left side and practice, when the coach available his right hook practitioner's left foot, then release the shift, adapt slowly, to prevent wrong operation caused by mechanical damage; the reduction gear when the coach can help practitioners to step on the brake pedal (the mechanism due to inertia, a larger block loader, and two gear speed reduction gear gap must be put on the brakes, the car speed to a gear speed reduction gear, otherwise easily damaged components, transmission) practitioners can better adapt to wait. Let alone drive.

3, about the clear sense of division of labor

Pay loaders gear wheel lever is located on the lower left, when the operation practice must be to the left and right joystick control, car seat in the practice, the loader beginners used to believe that first hand steering wheel then replaced left hand lever, sometimes wrong directly with the right hand lever. Besides, when the loader works, the steering wheel and the shift lever should be manipulated by the left hand, and the joystick should be manipulated by the right hand. This requires beginners to be careful and busy while practicing, and gradually improve.

4. The feeling of full coordination between the throttle pedal and the working device joystick

The combination of the accelerator pedal and the working device joystick when the loader is working will directly affect the efficiency of the operation and the consumption of fuel. It's hard for beginners to master this. Practice often causes great fuel consumption and mechanical damage. No matter how the coach explains the operative essentials in detail, beginners will be at a loss when they operate. Theory of loader boom and bucket lift when refueling door, loose bucket without refueling door; mechanical distance stockpile 1-2m deceleration, adjust the blade slowly into the heap, heap or loose material according to the degree of hard to determine the size of the throttle and the lifting arm (bucket) number. These essentials are summed up, that is, how to master the coordination between the accelerator pedal and the working device joystick. This feeling is also the most important part of the loader's job. How to find this feeling is very important for the beginners. Beginners will make a mistake at the beginning, such as lowering the boom, loosing the bucket and filling the door. When they are loading, they always have the wrong throttle. As long as they learn the theory and study carefully, they will correct their mistakes and learn to grasp this important feeling.

5. The feeling of hand in the shovel Loading Pile

This feeling is the most important and critical part of loader operation, that is, the right hand controls the working device lever, so that the bucket can be shovelled, loaded, leveled and dug like its own hand. The beginner can not find the position of the bucket at times, and sometimes it is found, and a contact shovel is not flat. It is not deep or shallow, and can not fill a bucket. The shovel was tried to keep the bucket on the ground, but the bucket was stuck in the ground. The hand wants to draw the ground, the shovel is suddenly high and low, the hand wants to dig into the underground, the shovel is not into the underground and so on, all this is a frequent thing for the beginner. To find this feeling, require practitioners have patience, careful and adequate theoretical knowledge, and remember the following formula:

The shovel is flat and dug in the right hand.

The action must be remembered;

The shovel put the mark on the flat.

Thirty degrees downward mining.

The above formula for the loader should grasp the shovel materials, flat ground, mining mounds and other essentials. The exerciser must see the bucket, the heart must understand the key, the hand must grasp the speed, and make the joystick express the action that the hand wants to express in time and accurately. The throttle to moderate, hand push gently, not too fast, too fast, carefulness, patience and perseverance plus, this feeling will soon find.

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