The Importance Of Studying The Fork Mounting Machine Before The Mining Of Stone Mine

The Importance Of Studying The Fork Mounting Machine Before The Mining Of Stone Mine

Date:Feb 08, 2018

[phenomenon] for nearly 10 years, we have received many bosses complaining, "why don't you have a good communication with you before?" We've made a mistake, it's broken everywhere, the tires are very bad, the whole machine is very dangerous, and so on! " There are many examples of the accident!

[reasons] these bosses, when buying fork lift machines at the earliest time, did not know that they had not eaten the losses in this area. They didn't know how dangerous they would be if they bought the wrong fork loaders. They didn't attach much importance to the idea. They basically held the same attitude and allowed the "designation" of the pedestrians. There is no serious grasp of the characteristics of the product. It is simple to believe that the standard tonnage of equipment is quoted and the "price is too expensive" is false. In order to small or petty, interests, debts and more immediate results, led to the so-called mining fork mounted machine is always broken, a serious point is that a fork mounted machine and driver blocks, together, out of control, all fell into the ravine!

[countermeasure] before mine not mining, should spend an hour, the technical characteristics of products and functions, understand the telehandler and then to determine the telehandler tonnage according to set up scientific concept Huangliao weight, price.

To determine the future of the mine to be cut Huangliao weight as the basis to determine the tonnage of telehandler. For example: the diamond wire cutting method, cutting out approximately 9 cubic meters of blocks, blocks density is 2.7 tons /m fand weight is about 25 blocks, then tons, then choose 28 tons of telehandler (LT28T), is more appropriate. By analogy, there are granite, marble, jade, Xuan Wuyan, sandstone and so on. The cutting method is different from the environment, and the required fork loading machine is completely different.

Determine the tonnage good after, according to the need of mine installed on the fork downhill handling blocks and the upper and lower slope of about a few degrees, to determine whether the selected telehandler need to configure the "Liteng soma" hydraulic wet drive axle. When handling blocks on mine slope more than 12 degrees (or 25%), brake bridge telehandler, configuration of "Liteng soma" hydraulic wet drive axle must be installed, to ensure that the fork on the downhill whenever and wherever possible the safe brake. Forklift loader loader is one of the characteristics in different load capacity, safety and reliability of the telehandler requirements are particularly high, telehandler body weight nearly doubled unequal than loaders, plus homework when the weight of such sum, than when the loader operating weight three times bigger. Over this time, using calipers clamp the traditional China characteristics (also called dry braking), do not have safe braking ability, once the brake failure, the rapid uncontrollable catastrophe!

International first-class engineering machinery, mining machinery brake system, the clear color is hydraulic and wet drive bridge, they are no clamp brake bridge said. Only the brake system, such as the hydraulic and wet drive bridge, has the braking torque more than one times larger than the clamp type brake bridge. It is also necessary to pay attention here: the hydraulic and wet drive bridge is not only "hydraulic brake", but must not be taken up! The wet wet driving axle is a brake system that is invisible to the outside of the drive axle, but a completely closed braking system. The braking force of the braking system is generated by the hydraulic oil and friction discs inside. It is not only "hydraulic", but also "wet" to form a comprehensive system.

[special prevention] do not listen to "how many tons of money"! The quality and reliability of the fork loading machine is determined not by the tagging of the fake tonnage. National standard: "telehandler marked the rated load, must be in the corresponding national standard load center, flat fork (not receiving fork) will increase the load of blocks to a height of over 1800mm, at this time, telehandler not butt and tire deformation can not be too large! This regulation ensures the strength of the hydraulic system and the reliability of the tire. But because fork lift still needs "lifting at the time of production" and "climbing when handling", the frame strength and the matching of engine horsepower and gearbox are also very important. The definition of the fork mounted machine and the factors determining the quality of the fork loader can be studied in detail.

[meaning] for a stone mine, the investment of fork lift from 300 thousand to 2 million is not a large investment. Of course, if a single business contract is concerned, a fork loader is also a large target business. However, when seriously studying the importance of fork mounted machine in stone mining, such investment must be highly regarded or considered as a decision that should be invested.

Telehandler for blocks the production of the role depends on: pry, handling, stacking, loading and unloading. These four basic functions. The protection blocks are not damaged, improve work efficiency and safety, realize the historic change of operation equipment! Is in line with the national security and the green mine construction technology guarantee! But if the forklift loader is not in accordance with the "national standard" (Trial announcement stage) to ensure the quality and function of the small investment, will draw back the production of mines, or even directly affect the fate of the mining investment!

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