The Importance Of The Quality Of Liteng Large Tonnage Heavy Material Handling Equipment

The Importance Of The Quality Of Liteng Large Tonnage Heavy Material Handling Equipment

Date:Feb 08, 2018

We have always stressed: heavy material handling equipment is a new product, is the requirement of overweight load, super reliability and off-road super high technology products, is to use the above thinking to understand it, is to society, to the user, with safe and responsible behavior on mining investment value! Is it very troublesome to get to such a high level of knowledge about a product? The answer is yes!

We work and live in a country where the love of imitation and theft, even three meals a day of food genetically modified problem, should move to CCTV Oprah Cui Yongyuan teacher wore so many "experts" pressure, at their own expense to the United States to do a lot of evidence, spend a lot of money and time, the cost to prove the terrible consequences of GM fraud! Children's vaccine counterfeiting, milk powder counterfeiting, gun ammunition counterfeiting, seed counterfeiting... A fake telephony phone, which cheated 8900 yuan for female college students, and dead! What's the matter with this society? When can the fraud of the people's livelihood and social progress be determined immediately in the form of the real need of legislation? Otherwise, how tranquil the social life? How does society improve? If the wind of counterfeiting is not completely stopped, who will make innovation? Is it not a loss to be a creative person?

We rethink: what is the case of fraud can be successful and failed? From the law of the market, someone is fake and someone is willing to buy a fake, so the market is formed and the market is formed. This is the sadness of inferior social ideology. Since it is a short period of time on the issue of false to legislation to eradicate, also cannot eliminate buyers do not buy fake, it would need to rely on the practitioners themselves to work, try to spread the truth, the truth to the consumer, so that the innovation of the people must be very lose!

heavy material handling equipment, as a single product, is a large amount of goods, but it is a very small investment tool for mine investors and its role. So, why does the quality and safety of a small investment and large income device have no way to get the attention of the owners? Let's see what his failure and safety are:

A tire explosion, a broken frame, all at any time to cause the whole heavy material handling equipment to turn over, many are directly down to the foot of the mountain! Overall, people, stone, all fell into the ravine!

It's not a regular frame, but I don't know how to use the materials and technology. The fork loader is very demanding on these problems. As a result, when the fork lift machine starts to cross the stone, the whole stone is swaying around. Is it dangerous? If such technology is not successful, if it is used in the environment of high and low fields and off-road environment, is it not dangerous?

Fork loading machine can not have effective rise, full load conditions can not be full load effective climbing, gearbox is the impact sound... How does this guarantee normal production?

Public view China: over 8 tons of loaders have neither technology nor fittings, and 32 tons of fork loaders are equivalent to 8 tons of loaders. What kind of capacity do they have to produce more than 32 tons of fork loaders at this time? The answer comes out!

The functional characteristics and technical requirements of more than 32 tons of fork loader:

First, the qualified production capacity: the design and production capacity of the whole machine system technology with more than 8 tons, familiar with the technical requirements and operation characteristics of fork lift machine.

Two, features and technical requirements: when the body weight of more than 34 tons, the engine output power is greater than 199KW, tire specifications to upgrade to 29.5 models, and the piece of material is greater than the total weight of 65 tons, the equipment reliability, operation function, general ideas are difficult to understand. Especially when the whole machine is 40 tons, the output power and gearbox of the engine are hard to match, and the braking force of the drive axle can not be guaranteed, much less the reliability of technology and the realization of operation function. Even the reliability of the technology can not be realized, how to ensure the safety of the operation.

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