The Loader Tire Protection Chain Installation Tutorial| Loading The Anti Slip Chain How To Install?

The Loader Tire Protection Chain Installation Tutorial| Loading The Anti Slip Chain How To Install?

Date:Jan 22, 2018

Detailed explanation of heavy loader anti-skid chain installation course

The skid chain of loaders is obviously anti slip. It is a necessary vehicle safety product for vehicles in winter, and the anti skid chain of loaders is also called automobile anti skid chains.

Some drivers say I don't have snow here in winter. Why do you want the skidding chain of the loader? Not in fact. Muddy weather is also very helpful for itself, mainly for anti-skid. Sometimes, the skid chain of loaders can be used to prevent skidding on high speed roads after heavy rain. Some people always have the money, regardless of security, for example, a few years ago after a heavy rain in a Audi, because in the high-speed road skidded, causing more than 20 car pileup 8 dead and 23 injured in the tragedy, so the anti slip chain is loading vehicle safety essentials.

Anti slip chain loading effect

When buying anti slip loading chain we should pay attention to, and now the market has three loading anti slip chain, a steel, because hurt road facilities, so the introduction of the new road traffic law, the anti sliding load chain is banned. The second is the loader Dichotomanthes anti-skid chain chain, he is essentially a mixture of chemicals, the installation is convenient. The third is the latest anti slip rubber loading chain chain, the chain and chain Dichotomanthes almost, but it has a better effect of tension and speed of installation, very suitable for winter weather and snow, or on the downhill mountain use. Auto parts market sales now the anti slip rubber chain chain is loading. We should pay attention to see the product brand when buying vehicle anti slip chain, but also look at the price, is generally not the case of bad weather the price is not very high, but once the weather if the price may rise several times, so the majority of owners or friends should be purchased in advance to prepare for possible period of want or need.

Anti slip chain loading

When using the anti sliding load chain we should pay attention to when you go out, you should look at the weather forecast, if the rain or snow will advance to install anti slip chain loading, because earlier than the installation of good fashion. Anti slip chain loading trouble for long-term transport truck drivers, because the steel chains are not allowed on the high-speed, other anti-skid chain and not overweight, so the anti slip loading chain prospects for future development is still very impressive, if I had enough money, I will not rule out the research and development of more suitable for large vehicles anti slip chain loading.

How to install anti slip chain loading

Step 1: prepare the car

It is best to install and disassemble the chain in the driveway or in some relatively safe places. Of course, when it is necessary to install or disassemble on the way, it is necessary to be on the roadside safety and flat sections. Wherever you are, make sure to leave yourself at least 10 feet in front of the car and after the car, and there's enough space to move the chain. At the same time, before touching any place near the tire, please ensure that the parking brake has been started and the accident has been avoided. It is a good idea to use a wooden block to make a tire as an additional protective measure. Finally, but it's also important to clean up the extra snow on the tire.

Step two: start the installation of the chain

First, make sure that the car is driven by the front or back wheels, because the chain must hook up on the set of tyres that play a major role. When you know what kind of tyres are needed to use a chain, remove the snow from the tire as much as possible and make a flat surface. The chain is spread out under the car, and the first gear of each chain on the ground is on the tire. Make sure that the chain is full of particles in the face, which is the largest part of the chain.

Step three: bite the chain (or leave)

If it is a rear wheel driven car, the chain is to be backed down. If it's the front wheel, push it forward. Check to confirm whether each tire is fixed to the chain, and each side is fitted with a gear. Then go on the car, start the engine, slowly, carefully belt the chain forward or back about 2 feet.

Step four: a fixed chain

Once the tire squarely placed in the chain, then pull the top of the port in the tire lap. Each end must be a device that fits the whole chain gear completely. Give yourself 1 to 2 inches of space, and then tighten the device through the two sides of the chain chain.

Step five: protect the chain

Each rubber ring of the chain has 4 metal hooks evenly distributed around the chain. Each metal hook at the edge of the wheel hub of the tire is intersecting in a cross - shaped way. This ensures that the chain will not slide.

Step seven: start up

Now the chain should be safely installed to provide traction on the road to snow. However, don't think the chain can guarantee the speed of driving in a bad driving environment. Start slowly and pay attention to the sound of the car. It may be a reminder that the chain is loose, or that the tire is not installed (the chain problem is questioned). No matter how safe their use is, it is unwise to drive a chain of tires at 40 miles per hour.

Step eight: disassemble the chain

Bad weather will not continue, so when it is no longer snow, it should be removed from the chain of the car. In any case, don't drive a chain on a snow - free road with a chain, which will seriously damage the tires.

The disassembly of the chain is much simpler than the installation. Just take the opposite step, unload the chain, and store them in the dry place for the next winter.

In the use of the anti-skid chain should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) the best before the trip right anti-skid chains, instead of in the face of the ice and snow road to install, because the installation of temporary parking chains than the early installation trouble, is not conducive to safety. The vehicle should be suspended in safety zone before installation and disassembly. If you are on a busy road, you need to set up the necessary traffic warning signs.

(2) do not install antiskid chain in the case of flat tire.

(3) the antiskid chain also has the size limit, which is suitable for the different hub size and the tire width, and should pay attention to the antiskid chain that matches the wheel size.

(4) after the installation of anti-skid chain, the speed of driving usually does not exceed 50Km / hour. When driving, avoid the behavior of quick brakes, urgent progress, sharp turn and continuous empty rotation.

(5) in the snow and ice road, avoid walking in the road with a dry matter and not good, when the vehicles without the use of anti-skid chain road please remove the anti-skid chain.

(6) the antiskid chain is not designed for trailer or tractor.

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