The Related Knowledge Of The Engine Of caterpillar 950 wheel loader for sale

The Related Knowledge Of The Engine Of caterpillar 950 wheel loader for sale

Date:Jul 06, 2017

The device of caterpillar 950 wheel loader for sale includes engine, torque converter, gearbox, Front and rear axles, which are called "four items". Let's talk about the knowledge which is related to the engine. 
 The motor of loader is also called engine, which is a kind of machine converting one form of energy into another useful energy. Usually, it converts the chemical energy into mechanical energy. Sometimes, it is suitable for power plant, and it also refers to the whole machine including the power plant, such as gasoline engine and aircraft engine. Engine appeared in the UK firstly, so the concept of engine also stems from English, its original meaning refers to the sort of "motivation mechanism". 


Someone called engine motor. In fact, the moor is a whole set of power output device, including variable gear, engine and transmission shaft, etc. Therefore, engine is a part of the whole motor, but it is the core part of the motor, so calling engine motor is not too much. With the improvement of technology, people are continuously developing a variety of different types of engines. But, no matter what kind of engine, its basic premise is to produce power through the combustion of certain fuel. So, the motor adopting electricity as energy sources does not belong to the category of the engine.

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