The Selection Principle Of The Wheel Loader

The Selection Principle Of The Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


The wheel loader has the advantages of high efficiency, good mobility and easy operation.Therefore, it has become the main machine in the engineering construction. However, most of people do not know how to select a appropriate loader. Today, I will introduce the selection principle of the wheel loader to you.

1.The selection of the type: this selection is mainly based on the operation site and purpose. If the loader is mainly operated in quarry and soft foundation zone, then we should choose the caterpillar wheel loader.
2.The selection of the power: it usually adopts diesel engine. For some special region, for example, in the region with an elevation of over 3000 meters, we should adopt diesel engine of plateau type.
3.The selection of the gearing form: we usually choose the hydro- mechanical transmission assembly. The key problem is the selection of torque converter form. The loaders made in China mainly use double turbine, single-stage two-phase hydraulic torque converter.
4.When selecting, we should take the brake performance of the wheel loader into full consideration, which includes multiple in braking, parking brake and emergency brake. There are three types of brakes: hoof type, caliper disc type and wet multi-plate type. The driving mechanism of the brake commonly adopts the augmenter constitution. The power can be compressed air, gas cap oil and hydraulic type. Air-on-oil brake system is commonly used. We usually adopts the double circuit brake system in order to improve the safety of driving.
The above is the selection principle of the loader. Hope to be helpful!

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