The Structure Of The Walking Type Excavator And The Application Of The Walking Type Excavator

The Structure Of The Walking Type Excavator And The Application Of The Walking Type Excavator

Date:Feb 13, 2018

The structure of the walking type excavator and the application of the walking type excavator

The walking type excavator is a full - ground multi - function excavator and multi - tool and multi - function platform. It is composed by a working device, get on the bus and get off, slewing mechanism and hydraulic system, with four feet (also with wheels) support machine, four feet with separate operation of four hydraulic cylinders, four feet in length and can be adjusted to support position in vertical and horizontal and vertical three aspects. The applicability and stability of excavator is greatly improved, very suitable for mining operations in the rugged and narrow ground.

Walking type excavator structure

Up: working device (usually a box type telescopic bucket rod digging arm), a cab, a 360 degree rotary platform

Chassis: multidirectional joint; steering hydraulic leg; steering gear; hydraulic drive motor; tires (or simple crawler, etc.)

Characteristics of Track excavator

The work form of the crawler excavator is roughly the same as that of the traditional crawler excavator. The main difference is the walking part of the chassis. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional crawler excavator not working in complex terrain, such as high vertical obstacles in big angle mountains, rivers, marshes, snow mountains, railway tracks and so on. The multi degree of freedom steering hydraulic leg free angle adjustment, concave terrain height difference compensation, in the large angle sloping terrain driving, walking, the purpose of construction; the box type telescopic arm rod with the operation, mining and independent multi DOF hydraulic steering legs to climb, climb a few meters of the obstacle. In rivers, swamps, walking, working; equipped with hydraulic hoist wire rope, in the angle of mountain (large geological loose) operation, operation of wire rope fixed, hydraulic support claw fixed to the ground, the safe operation effect; can also be equipped with hydraulic motor drive, realize the short distance independent transitions, quick change connector configuration. Install hydraulic punching device, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic grab, shear, piling machine, small head, forming a multi platform. When the long distance transfer is moving, the excavator does not need any lifting equipment, and it can climb up or down the transport vehicle by itself. It is very convenient to transfer the construction site, and the cost of transferring is low.

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