The Weekly Maintenance Of The Wheel Loader

The Weekly Maintenance Of The Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


The wheel loader has a wide application in the construction engineering. The types of the wheel loader are various and their working conditions are different.Therefore, the maintenance periods of the wheel loader at all levels are also different. Today, I’d like to talk about the weekly maintenance of the wheel loader.In addition to completing the content of daily maintenance, the wheel loader should be maintained by the professional maintenance personnel in every week. The maintenance should be conducted in accordance with the following steps:
1.Lubricate the specified parts of the wheel loader with the specified brand oil.
2.Clean the oil filter, fuel filter and air filter element.

3.Check and adjust the tension of the fan and the generator driving belt.
4.Check and add the machine oil to the fuel injection pump housing.
5.Check the battery electrolyte level and the density of the electrolyte. Check whether the electrolyte is in the 10 ~ 15 mm of the plate. If it is insufficient, the distilled water should be added.
6.Check and adjust the pedal free stroke of all the pedals.
7.Check the accelerator, parking brake, transmission and other controllers to see if there is the phenomenon of inflexibility.
All above are the steps of the weekly maintenance of the wheel loader. Hope to be helpful!

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