The Wheel Loader’s Regular Maintenance Can Reduce Unnecessary Cost

The Wheel Loader’s Regular Maintenance Can Reduce Unnecessary Cost

Date:Jul 06, 2017


The wheel loader’s regular maintenance mainly aims to reduce the machine’s broken times, extend its service life; shorten its down time; improve its working performance and reduce its operation cost. Only the water, air, fuel and lubricating oil are all managed well, can 70% of the fault frequency be reduced. In fact, 70% of the breakdown is caused by the inappropriate management.


1.the fuel management

Select the diesel brand according to the different environmental temperatures. The diesel of the wheel loader can not be mixed with the impurities, dirt and water; otherwise the oil tank can get worn out early.  The high content of the paraffin and sulfur can cause harm to the motor. After the daily operation, fill the fuel tank with oil to prevent the inner lining of the oil tank form producing the water droplets. Before the daily work, open the water valve at the bottom of the oil tank to drain the water. Expel the air from the pipe before the fuel in the engine is used up.


2.other fuel management


The remaining fuel includes the hydraulic oil, gear oil and etc. The oil of different brands and degrees can not be mixed together. Make sure that the oil is clean and avoid the impurities (water, dust, articles and etc.) mixed into the oil.

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