The Working Principle Of The Skid Steer Loader And The Advantages Of The Skid Steer Loader

The Working Principle Of The Skid Steer Loader And The Advantages Of The Skid Steer Loader

Date:Feb 23, 2018

What is a skid steer loader

skid steer loader is a machine with lifting arm, solid body, engine, installation of various genera, flexible operation, independent driving on both sides, power, load and load balanced distribution. The general power of 20~50 kilowatts, host a mass of 2000~4000 kg, speed of 10~15 kilometers per hour, mainly for the operation of narrow field, undulating ground, work transform frequent occasions, suitable for the construction of infrastructure, industrial application, cargo loading and unloading, urban streets, houses, barns, stables, airport runway, it also can be used as a large-scale construction machinery and auxiliary equipment.

Popularly speaking, the most prominent feature of skid steer loader is its unique steering mode. Ordinary cars or loaders use the front wheel steering, but the skid loaders use the speed difference between two sides of the wheel line to realize vehicle steering.

Another important feature of the skid steer loader is its rich accessories and fast switching functions. The bobcat skid loader has developed to 100 kinds of accessories. Its quick change function is to make the replacement accessories fast and simple, making the skid loader easier to achieve more functions.

Working principle of skid steer loader

Track and wheelbase

Involves two concepts here will be Tread, Width wheelbase refers to both sides of wheel center distance (car between left and right wheels track). The Wheelbase refers to the distance between the center of the front and the rear axle and the wheel axle of the front and rear wheels. The skid steer loader design, if the wheelbase is too short, can cause mechanical rotation having little power, poor stability, the rated load of small, but if the wheelbase is too long, although the increase in stability, but the rotation is relatively difficult, need more power, will cause the tire wear too fast, walking parts force.

The vehicle lateral stability and decided to track slip machine optimization tread wheelbase ratio of about 1.4:1 slip loading, optimization of tread wheelbase than the steering performance can provide better stability and optimization of the machine, and reduce energy consumption, reduce tire wear.

Skid loader engine distribution in the rear, which relates to a load distribution problem, how the load distribution is reasonable, in case the lynx, lynx weight distribution ranging from behind, in front of 30% load distribution, 70% full time, 70% in front, 30% behind.

This load distribution can be easier to slip, save fuel, and increase the service life of tires and driving components.

Rated load and tilting weight

The rated load and tipping load are two important parameters of the skid loader. The rated load refers to the standard bucket operated by the operator of 175 pounds on the hard and smooth floor under the J732 clause of the US SAE.

The tilting weight refers to the minimum load when the bucket moves up to the distance from the fuselage, and the rear wheel leaves the ground.

Lifting method

There are two types of lifting, arc lifting and vertical lifting. The highest lifting height of the lifting device is in the middle of the lifting path, so that these devices are more suitable for low and middle height work, such as loading low funnel or mobile sprinkler. The lifting height of the vertical lifting equipment can reach the highest point of the lift path, which is suitable for loading high places such as trucks.

Hydraulic drive

Skid steer loader working device with hydraulic drive, the drive system in addition to individual is driven by a belt or chain driving type, skid steer loaders are almost the full hydraulic scheme of double loop closed system, the bidirectional variable swashplate pump, inclined shaft type high speed motor.

Bucket excavating force and shovel propelling force

Digging force refers to the power used by the loader bucket to shovel the material pile or excavate the ground. The propelling force of the bucket depends on the weight of the loader and the friction with the ground. Heavier cars have larger shovel thrust.

Application of sliding loader in China

Although the skid loader in the United States and Europe's market share is very high in a machine, but has been in an awkward position in China, in the energy-saving forum, a professional membership for slip loading machine application in China is analyzed.

1. Shipyard

Slip play in the shipyard, the role is relatively simple, clear sand in the paint shop, sandblasting process is an important procedure of shipyard (with high pressure spray out of the sand off the rust on the ship plate), the playing out of the sand is to recycle, but because the spraying workshop can be for the equipment to operate the height and width of the finite, ordinary loader is the basic activities are not open on the inside, so this time the skid loader compact and flexible has played a huge advantage.

Advantages of sliding loader

The biggest feature of the sliding loader is the small size of the whole machine, and the original steering can be achieved. It can be changed rapidly or randomly, and all kinds of working devices can be hung on the job site. Its uses are mainly in the following aspects.

1., because its minimum turning radius is less than half of the same grade Articulated Loaders, it is especially suitable for operations such as urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshop buildings, warehouses, wharfs, ship deck or even cabin.

Because of the shorter wheelbase, the skid loader in small space is very smart, but in a small space, not only to provide the original equipment slip loading operations through the accessories of many types of engineering work, the maximum speed of construction at the same time, but also benefited from the overall design, lighting system own can provide a comprehensive range of lighting engineering.

The cab of the sliding equipment is in the center of the equipment. It can guarantee the safety of the manipulator at the same time, while ensuring the stability.

Small space work efficiency expert - slip loader.

2. use full wheel drive, no wheel differential is beneficial to work on uneven ground.

Full size tire turbo diesel engine with high performance, the design of the ultra short wheelbase, the gliding off-road ability was stronger than other similar devices at the same time, in the process of operation and flexible use of the bucket, in the guarantee by ability at the same time, both small scale transport support.

The transmission system meets the needs of high bearing capacity and provides power output at the same time as the power output of large torque.

3. at the work site can be replaced or momentary hanging device is different, generally only a few minutes. So we can carry out operations such as scraping, stacking, lifting, digging, drilling, crushing, grabbing and pushing, loosening soil, trenching, road cleaning and pavement compaction.

The high performance of the engine can support the full power, provide a power output interface including engineering devices under various working conditions, in order to ensure the efficiency and use of equipment to ensure the diversification of investors, thereby reducing the idle equipment rate, and can greatly improve the efficiency of related work.

Attachments, as an important implementation tool, are important support for the realization of on-site multi-function. In ensuring the accuracy of related operations, we also need to identify relevant field conditions and work contents, so as to ensure the accuracy of related accessories.

4. it is used for the logistics support, site cleaning and engineering finishing of large construction machinery.

In the ground cleaning, we need to remove the auxiliary parts on the ground, so that the auxiliary parts can clean up the debris left in the ground construction at high speed, and realize the quick cleaning of the dust through the quick rotating brush.

The construction process is not only suitable for engineering machinery, but also suitable for small and special environment such as cabin.

5. can be used as a mobile pump station to provide a power source for the hand-held hydraulic pickaxe and other hydraulic machines.

A multi - function sliding equipment can provide a variety of models and multiple flow hydraulic interfaces that ensure availability while ensuring diversity.

In construction engineering, the operation of diversity is only a single power system. The fuel saving effect of the skid loader's engine design is a crucial environment, while ensuring oil saving and ensuring the efficiency of related construction projects is also the top priority.

6., road protection can be directly used for snow cleaning operations and cleaning operations. With snow cleaning and ice removal accessories, sliding devices can quickly clean large areas of snow and ice, and at the same time, profits and equipment's mobility will ensure effective and extensive work of related equipment.

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