The Working Regulations Of Wheel Loader

The Working Regulations Of Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


The wheel loader has the advantages of quick speed, good mobility and easy operation. Therefore, it develops fast and has been the main machine in construction. Today, I will talk about the working regulations of wheel loader.
1.The operators should know very well the performance, structure, technical maintenance and operating method of the wheel loader before operating. They must operate in accordance with the regulations.
2.Apart from the cab, it is strictly prohibited to allow people standing on the rest place of the machine.
3.When discharging, the operator must elevate the bucket to a certain level where it will not hit the trunk dampers. It is strictly prohibited to move the bucket from the roof of the cab.
4. When the wheel loader is on the downhill way, automatic deceleration should be adopted, and it is not allowed to depress the clutch pedal so as to avoid the car sliding accident due to power shutoff.

5.It is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check when the loader wades into the water. If it is found that the brake failure is caused by the flooding, the operator should make continuous brake, which can discharge the water by using of the braking heat.
6.When the wheel loader is working, people are not allowed to stand in front of the wheel loader.
7.When working, people are strictly prohibited to stand under the arm.
8.It is strictly prohibited to adopt the high gear.

9.when the operator leaves the driving position, the bucket should be fallen on the ground, the engine should be turned off and the power should be cut off.

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