To Explore The Operation Method Of Digging Machine Repair Slope

To Explore The Operation Method Of Digging Machine Repair Slope

Date:Jan 23, 2018

Many people say it is difficult to repair the slope. In fact, you do not have a mastery of the method.

There are two methods for specific operations:

A parallel brush, digging, digging machine and the slope is parallel with the main retreat, edge tooth and knife with rotary motion to complete, need to pay attention to is the linear control and slope. No place to put the line line: mainly on the basis of sight judgment to control, dig on-line using the import alternative method to control the excavation line generation; slope control: the main draw generated by arc method and slash method to control the slope of the excavation slope slope not line, this method is not properly repaired out of control the slope to the belly, not good-looking, with more in the river.

Two, brush is digging, digging machine refers to the upper body and a ninety degree slope the bucket excavation, when the front digging after mobile excavators repeat the same action, this method is mainly used for surface dressing of forming, (the slope can be used this method) operation control technique: the side brush slope is the main use of composite operation the big arm under pressure with the closed arm with rotating bucket, only for local slope leveling. It mainly uses the brush, pressure arm with closed arm action is completed, only to adjust according to the slope of the bucket.

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