What Is Prohibited When Operating A Wheel Loader

What Is Prohibited When Operating A Wheel Loader

Date:Jul 06, 2017


When the driver operating a wheel loader, it’s strictly prohibited to do the followings:


1, It is strictly prohibited to skid. Loader at run time, in case of resistance, fierce refueling door

will often appear skid phenomenon. This situation is often caused due to improper operation of the driver. This will not only consuming fuel seriously, and also cause damage of the tire. Therefore, it should be strictly prohibited for the loader driver.


2, It is strictly prohibited to boom throttle. Whether the loader is in the walking or shoveling process, do not trample accelerator pedal hard, always keep the throttle control light stability. So as to reduce and decrease the man-made fault in the operation.


3, It is strictly prohibited to impact material pile. When loader at work, use second gear to shovel ordinary material. It is strictly prohibited to use above second gear to do the inertial impact to the material pile. When the bucket is close to the pile, it’s right to turn to first gear to complete a shovel process.


4, It is strictly prohibited to upward rear wheel. Because the breakout force of a loader is very big,usually when the driver digging solid original soil and stone mountain, if operate in wrong way, it's easy to upward the two rear wheels, even be high off the ground. Because the cycle of landing inertia,the blade of bucket will fracture and the bucket will be out of shape. What’s worse, the welds of rear frame is likely to fracture, even cause plates fracture.These four already make the point: operating a loader correctly is very important, not only can reduce the fuel cost, also can extend the life of loader, hope you remember!

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