What Is The Attention To The Wheel Loader Tires?

What Is The Attention To The Wheel Loader Tires?

Date:Jan 26, 2018

How to choose the wheel loader tires correctly? Engineering machinery tyre specification and scope of use, countries have specialized standard, optional wheel loader tire usually adopts the low pressure and wide tyres, according to the relevant parameters of third kinds of types in the national standard were selected, the class is mainly used for short distance shipment, slow speed, short distance transport, the maximum speed of 10km / h, engineering machinery a one-way distance of not more than 75m.

The conditions for selecting the wheel loader tires are satisfied.

At the same time, we should choose the following conditions for wheel loaders tires: ensure Wheel Loaders' working load, achieve permitted speed under load conditions, and low rolling resistance, good traction and long service life under normal working conditions. At the same time, the selection of tread pattern is also very important, and its role is to transfer the traction and braking force of the engineering machinery. It has a great influence on the adhesion, wear resistance and rolling resistance of the tire and the pavement. The use of the tire conditions is different, and the requirements for the pattern are different. In order to ensure the performance of the vehicle, usually the tread pattern should be met. Is it a wheel loader tyre or a place of great skill?

1) specific conditions of use to meet the requirements of vehicle performance.

2) there is good adhesion between the tread and the pavement.

3) the antiskid performance and wear resistance of the tread are good, and the rolling resistance is small.

4) there is no silt and stone in the pattern, and it has better self cleaning properties.

5) resistance to cutting, not breaking down the block, no crack and other requirements. In order to meet the specific use conditions, it should also have better comprehensive performance and higher service life.

The pattern of selecting and buying the wheel loader tires corresponds to the corresponding applicable conditions.

A, tractive pattern (L - 2): suitable for working conditions on soft and muddy ground. It can give full play to the traction force and have better self cleaning performance.

B, block pattern (L - 3): suitable for working conditions under a variety of conditions, with a certain wear resistance and anti cutting performance.

C and block pattern (L - 4): it is suitable for the working conditions under the harsh conditions, and has better wear resistance and cutting resistance. It can prolong the service life of the tire.

D, block type super deep pattern (L - 5): it is suitable for working conditions under harsh conditions such as rock, and has good cutting and piercing resistance. It has good stability and traction performance.

We need to know that each tyre has its specific uses and characteristics. It can only be used in a prescribed range. It will cause abnormal damage beyond the scope of use.

Therefore, the improper selection of wheel loader tires will seriously affect the service life of the tires and affect the performance of the tires. The specific selection of the specifications and models of the loader's tires is determined by the manufacturer's overall design requirements and load conditions. In the form of tire pattern, a large block pattern (L - 3) is usually matched with a wide range of applications. According to the actual situation of the actual operating site, the user may put forward special order requirements or buy tires in the form of proper tread pattern.

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