What Kind Of Oil Does The Payloader Gearbox Add To? Is The Gearbox Of The Payloader A Hydraulic Coupler?

What Kind Of Oil Does The Payloader Gearbox Add To? Is The Gearbox Of The Payloader A Hydraulic Coupler?

Date:Jan 22, 2018

What oil is added to the gearbox of the loader?

There are many kinds of loader gearbox, and the gearbox oil are not the same, Liteng payloader hydraulic oil, ZF gearbox oil, other planetary gearbox with hydraulic transmission oil.

Is the gearbox of the loader a hydraulic coupler?

Gearbox branch star and fixed shaft, is through the different gear ratio change the output speed and torque to change the output speed and output torque effect

The pump wheel of loader torque converter is rigid connection with the flywheel of the engine, that is, the input speed of the torque converter is always consistent with the output speed of the engine. The loader's hydraulic torque converter will have a variable speed pump, this

The main function of the pump is to suck oil from the oil pan of the gearbox, to supply the transmission oil in the torque converter, and to lubricate and cool the gears and clutch plates in the gearbox.

For torque converter, the main parameters are speed ratio and torque ratio. For torque converter manufacturers, 1000 torque is usually provided to match engine and torque converter.

The working principle of the torque converter is the torque converter pump wheel is directly connected with the engine oil, stir the variable transmission in the converter according to certain rules, in a fixed wheel torque converter, when the liquid through the guide wheel, through a variety of complex changes, the impact to the turbine output. Drives the turbine to rotate, thus improving the effect of torque, torque in the process of ascension, will reduce the output speed of turbine.

Maintenance and maintenance of the damage of gear shift mechanism of loader transmission

The reason for the power shift transmission clutch clutch 1, damaged joint, hydraulic oil pressure to overcome the friction tight spring force. With the pressure of hydraulic oil rising, the friction plate contacts with the metal plate and is gradually pressed, making the clutch transfer the power of the flywheel flat to the transmission shaft of the transmission. In each shift, the friction plate is rubbed with the steel sheet and the heat is emitted from the coolant. When the friction plate and the steel sheet thinning, in order to make them fully engaged will need more hydraulic oil, the engine must be accelerated further, the friction plate on the steel sheet and the slip time have also extended the resulting frictional heat will be more to the hydraulic oil temperature increase, when reached enough to change the seal performance the transmission temperature, the transmission will produce internal leakage. The internal leakage increased and continue to cause the heat from the two aspects: the damage of the high pressure oil seal leakage, the temperature continues to rise; due to the oil spill, the hydraulic pump necessary to transport oil and more to guarantee the required pressure when the clutch, the clutch fully bonding, which also requires the engine to continue to accelerate. Have a greater flow of hydraulic pump. Such a vicious cycle will eventually cause the clutch to overheat or burn, until it is completely invalid.

2, clutch piston seal detection of payloader walking weakness or high temperature, it is need to determine the clutch piston seal or oil pressure caused by insufficient, but the conventional means of detection is sometimes difficult to determine which causes failure, especially in under the condition of no power, the sealing ring transmission check assembled the assembly is more difficult. At this time, the pressure valve can be used to test. First of all, the transmission control valve removed (the transmission assembled should be installed in the control valve before the gas, then turn) to the transmission of the oil hole 0.6 of a 0.8MPa, if a hole gas, heard bang and no leakage or leakage sound is sound a small import metering pump, the seal and the corresponding clutch between piston and cylinder is good; if not to hear the sound of the piston to press the friction plate and the leakage sound is large, the failure of clutch seal between piston and cylinder, replace seal.

3, the failure of the transmission of the loader is prevented. The bearing and gear pair of the power shift transmission belong to the vulnerable parts. Therefore, the loader transmission should be regularly checked and maintained. The maintenance time interval of the typical foreign transmission is 5000 10000h. According to the national conditions of our country, it is suggested that every 2500 5000h should check the wear of a clutch and catch abnormal signals at any time. Since the power shift transmission is not likely to fail very quickly, the 750-1000h is usually continued after the first appearance of wear marks. During this period, frequent inspection and maintenance, and timely replacement of friction discs, seals and individual bearings can avoid damage to undamaged parts, such as steel sheets, gears, shafts, hydraulic cylinders and most bearings.

4, the clutch before failure often has the following exceptions: (L) although the machine can also work, but the oil has gone bad in the transmission, the viscosity decreased and metal containing impurities, so it should be more frequent analysis of oil sample transmission before the recommended oil change interval. Because the clutch wear is the transmission expansion of the fault sign, if the metal impurities in gear or gear so that it cannot be stuck to, if not stop other members will be crushed in a transmission. (2) the decline in shift performance is a sign of the damage of the clutch. When the clutch starts to skid, the machine will go forward even if it accelerates steadily. It should be stopped and overhauled at this time. 

(3) the clutch control oil level drops, when the machine must accelerate to make the clutch engage, it shows that the clutch has been overly worn or sealed. Therefore, the measurement of the oil pressure of the loader transmission and the rise in the temperature of the oil can determine the wear of the clutch. At the same time, the oil quality should also be analyzed. If iron or chromium particles appear in the liquid, the gear pair has begun to wear. To sum up, if the clutch and friction plate are replaced before the failure of the clutch, the maintenance cost will be 30% lower than that of the clutch after the failure of the clutch. Similarly, if the repair is done before a planetary or gear pair fails, the cost is 2/3 lower than that of a completely damaged transmission.

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