What Should I Avoid When Operating A Loader?

What Should I Avoid When Operating A Loader?

Date:Jul 06, 2017


Do not operate loader if you are ill, over-tired or on medication causing drowsiness.


Do not use loader without an approved roll-over protection and falling object protection  cab.


Never remove the ROP structure. Keep side screens in place.


Never exceed rated operating capacity.

Never attempt to repair, adjust or unplug equipment with the Power Takeoff  engaged.


Never attempt to operate steering levers or any other hydraulic controls while standing outside of the cab.


Do not carry passengers.


Do not use the loader as a lift for people, as a fence post puller, or as a work platform.


Do not make sharp, fast turns or move bucket controls abruptly.


Do not travel or turn with lift arms up.


Do not leave loader with engine running or with lift arms up.


Do not travel across a slope: go straight up or down slopes with the "heavy" end of the loader pointed uphill.


Do not approach overhead wires.

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