What Types Of Chinese Mini Wheel Loaders Are Mall Loaders And Which Are Small Shovelers

What Types Of Chinese Mini Wheel Loaders Are Mall Loaders And Which Are Small Shovelers

Date:Jan 22, 2018

Small shoveler model

Small shoveler  from large shoveler mechanical executive system function analysis, design a new shoveler machinery, agricultural tractors designed for practical small shoveler , divided into 06, 08, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, different models to meet the needs of small and medium construction enterprises.

Use of small shovels

Small shoveler truck is a widely used earthwork construction machinery for highway, railway, building, hydropower, port and mine construction. It is mainly used for shoveling bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, coal and so on. It can also do light shovel and dig for ore and hard soil. Different auxiliary equipment can also be used for loading and unloading of soil, lifting and other materials such as wood. In road construction, especially in high-grade highway construction, small shoveler are used for filling and digging of subgrade engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt mixture and cement concrete yard. In addition, we can carry out the operation of pushing the soil, scraping the ground and pulling other machines. Because the small forklift truck has the advantages of fast operation, high efficiency, good mobility and easy operation, so it has become one of the main types of earthwork construction in engineering construction.

Which is a small shovel

The commonly used small shovel is classified according to the model of the engine, the form of transmission, the structure of the walking system and the way of the shovel and unload.

1. Engine model:

The model is smaller than 22 for small shoveler .

2. The model in 24~28 is a small small shoveler 

The model in 2105~485 is a medium small shoveler 

The model was more than 4100 with small shoveler 

2. Transmission form:

(1) hydraulic mechanical transmission, small impact and vibration, long life of transmission parts, convenient operation, automatic adjustment between vehicle speed and load, generally used in medium and large loaders.

(2) hydraulic transmission: can be stepless speed control, control between the stool, but the start-up is poor, generally only on the small loader.

Power transmission: stepless speed regulation, reliable work, simple maintenance, high cost, generally used in large loaders.

3. Walking structure:

Tyre type: light quality, fast speed, flexible maneuver, high efficiency, difficult to damage road surface, high ground ratio pressure, poor pass, but widely used.

2. Crawler type: small grounding ratio, good pass through, low center of gravity, good stability, strong adhesion, large traction force, big cutting force, low speed, poor flexibility, high cost, and easy to damage road surface when walking.

4. Loading and unloading methods:

First unload: simple structure, reliable work, good field of vision, suitable for various operating sites, a wide range of applications;

5. Drive mode:

A small, usually medium for rear wheel drive, four wheel drive, high hydraulic.

Main components

It includes engine, torque converter, gearbox, front and rear drive bridge, frame ground.

1. engine

2., there are two pumps on the small shoveler torque converter, the working pump (supply lift, flip bucket pressure oil) variable speed pump, also known as the walking pump (supply torque converter, transmission pressure oil), and some steering pumps are equipped with pilot pumps (supply valve pilot pressure oil).

3.. Works hydraulic oil road, hydraulic oil tank, working pump, multichannel valve, lifting oil cylinder and dump cylinder.

4. walking oil road: the gearbox oil bottom shell oil, the walking pump, the one way into the torque converter, the gear shift valve and the transmission clutch.

5. drive: drive shaft, main differential, wheel side reducer.

6. steering oil: oil tank, steering pump, steady flow valve (or priority valve) steering gear, steering oil cylinder.

7. the gearbox has one (planetary) and divided (fixed axis) two kinds.

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