Wheel Loader Daily Inspection And Maintenance

Wheel Loader Daily Inspection And Maintenance

Date:Aug 30, 2017

Safety is the prerequisite for work, so be sure to do the daily inspection and maintenance of wheel loaders.

Every day before and after the operation must be around the machine inspection. To ensure the safety of the operation. Check the following:

1, check the work lights, lights, etc. are damaged, electricity, gas, oil lines, piping is aging or damaged.

2, check the engine air filter dust, whether the impact of air intake.

3, check the front and rear drive shaft connection bolts are loose, off the phenomenon, the locking force of 530N.M.

4, check the pin and other connecting bolts are loose.

5, check the tire is damaged, inflatable is sufficient (front wheel: 0.30-0.32MPa, rear: 0.28-0.30 MPa). Tire pressure must be controlled within the specified range. Whether the tire bolts are loose and the locking force is 830N.M.

6, check whether there are oil spills, leaking, leakage, leakage phenomenon.

7, check the water level, gearbox oil level, hydraulic oil level, brake oil level.

8, add grease to the oil Tsui.

9, check the brake pads wear.

10, check the bucket blade and bucket teeth wear, when the blade wear 10cm, bucket teeth wear more than 1/4 when the need to repair or replace.

11, dismantling installation of the battery should be clear the positive, negative, and to tighten the nut, remove the first should be off the negative (ground).

12, to avoid metal objects (such as: tools, etc.) and the battery terminal accidental contact, resulting in short circuit.

13, the battery electrolyte containing sulfuric acid, and can produce hydrogen, to avoid cigarette butts and open fire near the battery. If the sulfuric acid solution splashed into the skin, the eyes should be immediately washed with plenty of water, should be immediately to the hospital for treatment.

14, just stop the operation, the engine coolant, all parts of the oil, exhaust pipe and muffler are at high temperatures, if the demolition of the cover or oil or oil filter replacement will cause burns or other injuries should be Wait for the temperature to come down and then carry out maintenance and inspection.

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