Wheel Loader Good Mobility

Wheel Loader Good Mobility

Date:Nov 01, 2017

The excavator loading and loading and unloading material is carried out by the movement of its working device. The loader working device consists of bucket 1, boom 2, connecting rod 3, rocker arm 4 and hopper cylinder 5, boom cylinder 6 And the like, and the entire working device is hinged to the frame 7. Wheel Loader As shown in Fig. The bucket is articulated by the connecting rod and the rocker arm to the bucket cylinder for the loading and unloading of the material, the boom and the frame, and the boom cylinder for the lifting and lowering of the bucket, the lifting of the bucket and the lifting of the boom.

When the loader is operated, the working device shall ensure that when the bucket cylinder is locked and the boom cylinder is lifted or lowered, the connecting rod mechanism causes the bucket to be flattened or nearly translational to prevent the bucket from slipping and dispersing the material. Wheel Loader Arm in any position, the bucket around the arm hinge rotation to discharge, the bucket angle of not less than 45 °, after the discharge of the boom when the bucket can automatically flatten the bucket. There are seven types of structural types of the domestic and international loader working device, which are divided into three-bar, four-bar, Wheel Loader five-bar, six-bar and eight-bar, According to whether the input and output rods are the same and divided into forward and reverse link mechanism. Earthwork loader bucket structure, the fighting body commonly used low-carbon, wear-resistant, high-strength steel plate welded, cutting edge using wear-resistant manganese alloy steel, side cutting edge and reinforced corners are used high strength Made of steel.

The shape of the bucket cutting knife is divided into four kinds. The choice of tooth shape should consider factors such as insertion resistance, abrasion resistance and easy replacement. Toothed tip teeth and blunt teeth, tire-type loader to use more pointed teeth, and track-type installation and more use of blunt teeth. Wheel Loader The number of bucket teeth depending on the bucket width, bucket teeth from the general 150-300mm. Bucket teeth structure of the whole and split two kinds of small and medium-sized loaders to use the overall type, and large loaders due to poor operating conditions, bucket teeth wear serious, often used split. Wheel Loader Split bucket teeth are divided into two parts: basic tooth 2 and tooth tip 1, only need to replace the tooth tip after wear.

The loader is a self-propelled earthmoving machine consisting of boom, connecting rod mechanism and loading bucket, etc., which can also be used for loading, unloading, Wheel Loader unloading and leveling operations. Operation, is a very wide range of construction machinery. What are the specific uses of the loader?

The loader is widely used in road, Wheel Loader construction, hydropower, mining and other construction projects of the earth and stone construction machinery, its role is used to shovel sand, lime, soil, coal and other bulk materials, while the loader can also ore, Soil and so on for light digging operations. Dress up different auxiliary work equipment can also be carried out, lifting and other materials such as timber loading and unloading operations.

Loader in the road, Wheel Loader especially in the construction of high-grade highway, it is used for roadbed engineering, such as filling and digging, asphalt mixture and cement concrete field aggregate and loading operations.

In addition, Wheel Loader the loader can also push the soil, scraping the ground and traction other machinery and other operations. Because the loader has the advantages of fast operation, Wheel Loader high efficiency, good maneuverability and light operation, it is one of the main models of earthwork construction in engineering construction.

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