Wheel Loader Is In Place

Wheel Loader Is In Place

Date:May 27, 2017

Wheel Loader First check the variable speed handle (Skidsteerloader) is in place, if not in place should be readjusted. Then check the speed of the pressure gauge in the secondary position whether step-down, if step-down, must check the gearbox 8-shaped end of the external cover of the pressure oil outflow, such as leakage phenomenon, you can tighten the surrounding bolts. The above method still cannot troubleshoot, you must remove the 8-shaped end cover and replace the O-type seal ring and paper pad. At this point, if there is no pressure oil overflow, it is proved that the gearbox in the two-block components have problems, must be removed two block components.

First check whether the gearbox is short of oil and the inlet tubing is clogged, then check the gearbox oil pan (Electricalmotor) and torque filter. If you find metal fragments and other things, you can be sure that the gearbox inside the large overrunning clutch parts are damaged. If it is found that there are aluminum chips in the gearbox sump and torque filter, it is certain that the parts in the torque converter will be damaged. The gearbox and torque converter must be disassembled to repair and replace the damaged parts. To exclude the above reasons, the car can still not walk, it is determined that the gearbox within the two-block components around the bolts are cut off, or the middle shaft output gear off, and the power can not be output. Wheel Loader Elimination method: The gearbox can be 8-shaped end cover, remove two block components, replace the cut bolts can be. This bolt material is 40Cr, must carry on the quality control, never can replace with ordinary bolt.

First check whether the pressure gauges indicate normal. If the pressure is up to 108KPa, increase the throttle to see if the pressure gauge pointer is swinging; Wheel Loader if it swings violently, it proves that the turbine oil in the gearbox is too dirty or insufficient, should check whether the oil level of the gearbox oil is able to flow through the turbine oil. If there is oil outflow, the fault is caused by oil too dirty, should clean the gearbox and filter, then replace the new oil, if the oil volume is normal, the variable speed pressure gauge indicates normal, then the fault may be the gearbox (Conveyorbelt) and the input two-stage gear break in the middle of the torque converter, so that the power of the torque converter two-level gear can not be output, only the A-stage gear Excluded method: Remove the torque converter and gearbox connection, replace the damaged input two-level gears.

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