Wheel Loader Maximum Work Efficiency

Wheel Loader Maximum Work Efficiency

Date:Sep 26, 2017

In the difficulty and dangerous construction of the more able to see a loader operator skill level. For example, in a pile of 6 m high sand pile, the loader from the bottom to repair a road to the top, looks very simple, but there is no skill level of the loader operation driver can not open up, Wheel Loader this principle with the car In the slope will be walking, the same performance of the vehicle, and some drivers can easily open up, and some drivers loss of oil and tires are not open up, because the latter line to find the driver is not good, then the throttle control is not good. In Shanghai Pudong airport apron concrete pouring construction, Wheel Loader because a number of heads of state to Shanghai to attend the meeting, the time is tight, requiring two corps and a bureau in two months time to complete their own as many tasks. Construction at the same time, a flight with two loaders and a bulldozer feed, but not as good as the provincial technical experts Archie open a loader feed, air two corps completed ahead of the concrete apron pouring, the main experience in hand , A good technical experts, not only the level of operational skills to be high, but also to understand the construction site layout, construction process, Wheel Loader in a large pile of finished material on the maintenance of heavy truck walking road, the reserve of sand and gravel pile, From the feed port near, so that the loader at work, you can play the greatest efficiency

Dangerous, high altitude, easy to collapse lots of construction operations, should do their own protection and preventive measures, such as in the discharge surface, Wheel Loader with ballast to do the protective wall, shoveling high-altitude materials, the surface should be fixed slope, A hanging back can be timely retreat, and the high-altitude slag and soil slump can also be timely evacuation. Easy to collapse of the construction site should pay attention to the walking part of the compaction and slope of the face, Wheel Loader with stone slag, earth fill. In the long slope of the road, the operation due to ensure the working pressure.

Operation and Skill of Wheel Loader in Construction. Operation and Skill of Wheel Loader in Construction

In the actual operation, depending on the construction site, Wheel Loader the terrain put the bucket angle, the light throttle straight straight forward, enter, with the feel, foot throttle control feeling, visual and listening sound control throttle and speed, cut into the pile, so as not to bucket and Material in the pile of hard objects collision, lead parts damage, work before and after the maintenance of four-wheel drive, so as to avoid single-bridge force, the load caused by the size of the spiral gear damage. Wheel Loader When the bucket full of brakes should be brakes, hanging back gear, so as not to turn the bucket cylinder head break or connect the bolt off. ② wrenches cylinder head joint bearing damage. ③ the end of the piston rod thread or groove screw teeth teeth.

Do not lift the bucket of the loader to move high, or easy to cause rollover accident. Shoveling operations, the work should be the origin of cultivation, loading resistance when the resistance is too large, do not arbitrarily increase the throttle, or easy to damage the motive, and waste of oil, to grasp the time and angle of shovel operations, like firewood To find the lines.

Will load the work of the road repair work, can improve work efficiency, reduce mechanical losses, save fuel, reduce the driver operating fatigue, safe construction and so on.

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