Wheel Loader Protection Features

Wheel Loader Protection Features

Date:Oct 13, 2017

The gearbox is one of the important transmission parts of the wheel loader, it is responsible for transferring the speed and torque from the engine to the final drive system, changing the transmission ratio between the engine and the wheel, realizing the loader's forward and backward-blocking operation, Wheel Loader and realizing the power to cut off to the walking device in the case of the engine running, In order to meet the needs of loader operation and driving, it is easy to start and stop safety of engine.

However, in the loader work process, because of improper use and maintenance of the gearbox failure rate has been high, especially in the use of strict compliance with maintenance procedures, lack of timely inspection and daily maintenance, will accelerate the transmission of damage and failure of the formation, Wheel Loader or even increase the harm of the consequences of the failure.

The key point for the longest working life of the parts in the gearbox is to change the oil at the correct time interval for the fixed oil interval. Lubrication and protection characteristics of lubricating oil can be played only if reasonable oil change interval is ensured. Under normal circumstances should be recommended by the machine manufacturers maintenance cycle as the basis, but this can only be relative,Wheel Loader must be combined with the oil sample extraction analysis results to know the actual work. For example, the maintenance manual to require the transmission of the oil interval is 500h, we according to the loader operation, every 250h or 100h oil samples for a sampling analysis to determine when to change oil, but the lubricant used to 1000h should be replaced immediately. Wheel Loader In addition to regular replacement of new oil, in peacetime inspection, if the oil is found to deteriorate or mixed with impurities, should also be cleaned to check, and replace new oil.

Using the correct discharge and oil-changing method, the oil temperature should be 40~50℃, and the oil flow should be discharged in the case of agitation, so as to completely drain the dirty oil as far as possible; when refueling, the refueling machine with a filter device should be used to add the oil liquid.

Using the correct oil for the transmission system, Wheel Loader the lubricating oil used in the gearbox must conform to the specification. It should be noted that the diesel engine oil can not be added to the gearbox, because the diesel engine oil will reduce the friction between the piston and other moving parts, while the transmission system oil to allow friction between the pieces in the combination of a certain friction, this friction is essential to the normal operation of the transmission system. Only the correct use of lubricating oil can effectively prolong the working life of the clutch friction plate. At the same time, the correct use of oil, can obviously improve the wear resistance of gears, eliminate clutch skid, control the braking of the trembling and abnormal sound, Wheel Loader increase the power to provide greater traction. At present, the gearbox uses the most hydraulic transmission oil for $number, $number hydraulic transmission oil.

All kinds of lubricating oil must be pure, and after a period of precipitation, in line with the requirements of quality. Refueling tools, containers and oil injection should be cleaned to prevent moisture and dirt into the oil. When checking the oil quantity, the vehicle must be in a horizontal state both vertically and horizontally. Wheel Loader Refueling, oil change must be checked for oil leakage phenomenon.

In the daily use process to strengthen the transmission of fault prevention and day-to-day maintenance is very necessary, so not only to reduce the efficiency of downtime due to the maintenance of low, delay hours, but also can prevent and avoid greater follow-up failure, reduce maintenance costs, improve the safety of the machine.

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