Wheel Loader Skill Levels

Wheel Loader Skill Levels

Date:Aug 14, 2017

The skill level of a loader operator is more visible in difficult and dangerous areas. For example, in a pile of 6 m high sand pile, the loader from the bottom to repair a road to the top, Wheel Loader looks very simple, but not a certain skill level of the loader operation driver can not open up, this principle with the car In the slope will be walking, the same performance of the vehicle, Wheel Loader and some drivers can easily open up, and some drivers loss of oil and tires are not open up, because the latter line to find the driver is not good, then the throttle control is not good. In Shanghai Pudong Airport apron concrete pouring construction, Wheel Loader because a number of heads of state to Shanghai to attend the meeting, the time is tight, requiring two corps and a bureau in two months time to complete their own as many tasks. Construction at the same time, a flight with two loaders and a bulldozer feed, but not as good as the provincial technical experts Archie open a loader feed, empty two corps completed ahead of the concrete apron pouring, the main experience in hand , A good technical experts, not only the level of operational skills to be high, but also know how to build the construction site, the construction process, in a large pile of finished material on the maintenance of heavy truck walking road, the reserve of sand and gravel pile, From the feed port near, so that the loader at work, you can play the greatest efficiency.

The main parts, the system name, structure, working principle use, Wheel Loader to correctly determine the various parts of the system failure and exclusion, so that can use to see, listen, smell, touch, feel the fault level of skills.

When the loader starts, but can not walk, Wheel Loader in the absence of any abnormal sound conditions, first check the transmission pressure, if no pressure should check the operation of the valve spring and variable speed pump is damaged. When the pressure normal loader can not walk or work weakness, front axle axle broken, Wheel Loader if you remove the front drive shaft, will not walk, you can explain the rear axle axle break.

In the work should pay attention to the smoke and smoke changes, black smoke, Wheel Loader white smoke, take the blue smoke and the oil table, pressure gauge, thermometer changes. ZL50 domestic loader and the United States CAT9920 loader use comparison, domestic loader price is low, Wheel Loader easy to buy parts, easy maintenance, but the mechanical properties and quality is far less than Carter CAT. ZL50 domestic loader under the arm of a pinch, not installed dry grinding pin sets, in the water when the pin is easy to damage, Wheel Loader increase the driver to fight the labor intensity of butter, butter loss. Brake system should always be carefully checked, brake brake disc piston easy to rust, affecting the braking performance, easy to cause security incidents. Wheel Loader Do not violate the operating procedures, improve the level of skills, reasonable maintenance of machinery and equipment, Wheel Loader in the construction will be able to play a mechanical use efficiency, safe construction.

The gearbox is one of the important transmission parts of the wheel loader, Wheel Loader which is responsible for transmitting the speed and torque from the engine to the final transmission system, changing the transmission ratio between the engine and the wheel, Wheel Loader realizing the forward and reverse gear handling of the loader, And can be achieved in the case of engine operation cut off the power transmitted to the walking device to meet the loader operation and driving needs, easy to start the engine and parking safety.

However, during the work of the loader, due to improper use and maintenance caused by the transmission failure rate has been high, especially in the use of strict compliance with maintenance procedures, Wheel Loader lack of timely inspection and routine maintenance, will speed up the transmission damage And the formation of failure, and even expand the dangers of the consequences of failure.

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