Wheel Loader Start And Stop Safety

Wheel Loader Start And Stop Safety

Date:Jun 26, 2017

Wheel Loader The gearbox is one of the important transmission parts of the wheel loader, which is responsible for transmitting the speed and torque from the engine to the final transmission system, changing the transmission ratio between the engine and the wheel, Wheel Loader realizing the forward and reverse gearing of the loader, And can be achieved in the case of engine operation cut off the power transmitted to the walking device to meet the loader operation and driving needs, easy to start the engine and parking safety.

How to carry out preventive maintenance of the gearbox

1, according to JB / Z194-83, combined with the actual maintenance, Wheel Loader should follow the following provisions:

(1) daily maintenance: check the oil low oil level;

(2) 50 hours (or week): check the variable speed control handle is flexible and effective;

(3) 250 hours (only after the first 250 hours of work): cleaning gearbox oil pan and gearbox filter cartridge;

(4) 500 hours: clean the oil pan filter, replace the gearbox oil;

(5) 2000 hours: the gearbox, torque converter disassembly inspection overhaul.

2, hydraulic transmission oil is the normal operation of the gearbox energy carrier, in the hydraulic drive system, the working fluid pressure, Wheel Loader temperature and flow determine whether the normal operation of the transmission, so the routine maintenance of the gearbox, to Pay special attention to the inspection and replacement of hydraulic transmission oil.

(1) fixed oil change interval

The oil change at the correct time interval is the key to getting the longest working life of parts in the gearbox. Only to ensure a reasonable oil change interval, Wheel Loader in order to play lubricating oil lubrication and protection characteristics. Under normal circumstances should be recommended by the machine manufacturers maintenance cycle as the basis, but this can only be relative, must be combined with the oil sample analysis results in order to know the actual work situation. For example, in the maintenance manual, Wheel Loader the oil change interval of the gearbox is 500h. We will make a sampling analysis of the oil samples every 250h or 100h according to the operation of the loader to determine when to change the oil. However, when the lubricating oil is used for 1000 hours, Replace now.

In addition to regular replacement of new oil, in the usual inspection, such as oil deterioration or mixed with impurities, should also be cleaned inspection, Wheel Loader and replace the new oil.

(2) using the correct row, oil change method

Oil, the oil temperature should reach 40 ~ 50 ℃, and the oil flow should be in the case of agitation, as far as possible completely empty the dirty oil; refueling, should use a filter device to add oil tanker.

(3) the use of the correct transmission system oil, Wheel Loader gearbox used lubricants must comply with the specification. It should be noted that diesel oil can not be added to the gearbox, because the diesel engine oil will reduce the friction between the moving parts such as the piston, and the drive system will have to make friction between the friction plate when there is a certain degree of friction , Wheel Loader This friction is essential for the normal operation of the transmission system. Only the correct use of lubricating oil, in order to effectively extend the working life of the clutch friction plate. At the same time, the correct oil, Wheel Loader can significantly improve the gear wear resistance, eliminate the clutch slip phenomenon, control the brake trembling and abnormal sound, Wheel Loader increase the braking force to provide greater traction. At present, the gearbox uses the largest hydraulic transmission oil for 6 #, 8 # hydraulic transmission oil.

(4) refer to the maintenance manual to provide the replacement filter cycle, the timely replacement of the filter, while cleaning the filter, oil discharge plug, breathable plug, according to the standard amount of filling oil. If the transmission oil viscosity is too large, Wheel Loader will cause the transmission transmission efficiency is low, poor mobility, unfavorable heat dissipation, and in the high-speed relative movement between the parts may be local dry friction, adverse lubrication; if the transmission oil viscosity is too small , Can increase the amount of leakage, resulting in transmission control oil pressure is too low to form a fault, the load in the larger transmission between the oil film strength is not enough, Wheel Loader resulting in early wear and tear components, and thus unfavorable lubrication.

At the same time, the gearbox in the normal work due to the oil will produce a small amount of oil bubbles, in order to prevent the accumulation of more bubbles, resulting in cavitation phenomenon, resulting in reduced thickness of the oil film to affect the internal clutch and control valve work , Gearbox oil must have anti-foaming characteristics.

Therefore, the use of appropriate gearbox oil, Wheel Loader both to protect the gearbox, extend the life of the gearbox, reduce the gearbox failure rate, but also can reduce the direct cost of gearbox maintenance and reduce the maintenance of the gearbox Manual and maintenance Parking time.

(5) a variety of lubricants must be pure, Wheel Loader and after a period of precipitation, in line with the provisions of the quality requirements.

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