Which Spare Parts For A Wheel Loader|what Are The Spare Parts Of The Shovel Loader

Which Spare Parts For A Wheel Loader|what Are The Spare Parts Of The Shovel Loader

Date:Jan 12, 2018

Wheel loader accessories

There are many parts of the loader, and all the parts and the wear parts belong to the loader accessories. As a combination of instruments, front loader, loader seat, neckring loader accessories, fuel tank, air filter, intake and exhaust valves, cab assembly, fan blade, loader gear pump, the loader steel wheel loader, steering wheel, steering gear, shovel loader, master-slave spiral bevel gear, intermediate support seat, brake disc, brake fluid cup, fuel tank cap, oil-water separator, cylinder assembly, priority valve, instrument working table assembly, pressure regulating valve, four matching, cam shaft, eccentric shaft, tyre screw, transmission gear, oil bulk assembly, S type loader arm, solid tire and so on, the following list of main components of loader.

What are the main parts of the loader

Main components: engine, torque converter, gearbox, front and rear drive bridge, abbreviated for four large parts

1. Engine

2, there are three pumps on the torque converter, the working pump (supply lift, turn over pressure oil) steering pump (supply steering pressure oil) variable speed pump, also known as the walking pump (supply torque converter, transmission pressure oil), and some steering pumps are equipped with pilot pumps (supply valve pilot pressure oil).

3, working hydraulic oil road, hydraulic oil tank, working pump, multi-channel valve, lifting oil cylinder and dump cylinder

4, walking oil road: gearbox oil bottom oil, walking pump, one way into torque converter, one way into gear valve, transmission clutch

5, drive: drive shaft, main differential, wheel side decelerator

6. Steering oil: oil tank, steering pump, steady flow valve (or priority valve) steering gear, steering oil cylinder

7, the loader gearbox has one (planetary) and divided (fixed axis) two kinds.

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