Who We Are

Who We Are

Date:Apr 12, 2018

Xiamen Liteng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of the versatile LT series wheel loader, as well as our in-house developed LT series forklift loader and multidimensional-rotation forklift loader. Our multidimensional rotation forklift loader is the first product sourced from China. It has been awarded a multitude of national patents for its strong capability to load and unload cargo quickly. We consistently launch new and innovative products like these on the market to great acclaim! We have been in this business for nearly a decade and in that time, we have rapidly developed into a market leader!

Our company has invested more than 60 million yuan in our manufacturing plants and production equipment. In order to maintain our market leading status, we carry out customized production and sales process, and adopt product differentiation and positioning strategy. We endeavor to meet clients’ needs through continuous innovation and by our constant pursuit of excellent product quality. In March 2017, our company participated in the formulation of the Chinese standard for the earthmoving equipment manufacturing industry. We will continue our efforts to develop together with our diverse range of clients by virtue of superior products.

We extend a warm welcome and invite global customers to visit our company where the mutual benefit can be realized through cooperation and understanding.

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