Who Will Be The Potential Stock Of The Engineering Machinery Industry In The New Era?

Who Will Be The Potential Stock Of The Engineering Machinery Industry In The New Era?

Date:Jun 16, 2018

After years of downturn, Chinese engineering machinery ushered in a new round of growth period, and continues to improve. Recently, Qi Jun, President of the China Engineering Machinery Industry Association, announced the results of the 2017 industry. The sales of major products increased by 45.7% year on year. The economic benefits of the main enterprises have been greatly improved, and the total profit growth is nearly 500%. Sales rose more than 10% at the beginning of last year the expert forecasts, but contrary to expectation, is reasonable, greatly boosted the confidence in the industry.

This year, the rally continues, the entire industry like a raging fire. In the first quarter, the accumulative sales of excavators broke through 60 thousand units, up 48% from the same period, second high in the same period, and the accumulative sales of loaders reached 30589, up 33.5% from the same period. In this new game, who will be the potential?

Behind every round of adjustment and growth of construction machinery industry, and are closely related to the economic environment at home and abroad at present. In recent years, accelerating the development of China's urbanization, infrastructure investment than expected, the new rural construction to a new level, new vitality Chinese economy. All the good trend directly led to the recovery of mechanical engineering.

The adjustment for up to five years of industry, engineering machinery's capacity to digest has been basically completed, the last round of explosive growth of the equipment to update the node. Some small scale, weak competitiveness of enterprises to be eliminated. Industry concentration is higher, the strength of strong enterprises.

Throughout the market after baptism of the survival of the enterprise, it can be seen that those large and thick enterprises have strong funds, strong R & D ability, technology lead, stable management, and a strong anti risk ability that small enterprises do not possess. They rely on many years of experience and judgment, through a close and become the final winner.

Any product, want to have a foothold in the market, we must first have the excellent quality of products. As a tool for engineering machinery users build up the family fortunes, even more so. Most of the enterprises in the industry have a considerable history. Most of them invest in R & D, and upgrade the product quality and operating comfort. In recent years, the iterative upgrading of products is more frequent. In the premise of ensuring the reliability, it gradually tends to intelligence and environmental protection. This requires enterprises must have continuous innovation capital and ability to meet the development of the times in the increasing customer demand.

Apart from the quality of the products, service is also an important measure of content. All products will appear fault. Once the maintenance is not timely, will seriously affect the customer's income. In recent years, part of the national A new force suddenly rises. enterprises, a big reason is attaches great importance to the service. Customer service service, has become an important factor for customers when purchasing products.

Products and services is an important condition to win the market. In recent years, in the industry influence is the rise of John Deal, in the two aspects can not be underestimated. The American enterprise, although Chinese entered the market late, but the proof itself 180 years of development history is the quality and strength of the. To determine whether a excavator or loader performance, the most important is the core component of quality is reliable. John Deal has independent research and development of the positive flow hydraulic system and engine, not only make the control of the hydraulic system achieve the highest level of control precision in the industry, but also provide a strong power for the equipment. This is the customer to win the "deer had particularly large, anti made, flexible operation, high cost" fair evaluation.

More importantly, Deere in services, also let people sit up and take notice. From the supply of spare parts, equipment maintenance and maintenance, can do rapid response, even separated by thousands of miles of desert in Gobi, will be the first time arrived at the scene. At the same time, every quarter can hold a tour service, keep abreast of the equipment, the distance closer to the customer, the customer to solve the menace from the rear.

More and more customers in the use of equipment on the dir after hundreds of years of technology accumulation, excellent product quality, free customer service services has been a real experience. In the mouth, John Deal in the Chinese market reputation. In the past, mostly foreign brands because of cultural differences, few large-scale market fairs. It is also virtually lost opportunity for close contact with customers. But John Deal was different. In the first quarter of this year, 18 national exhibition games were held, more than 4000 customers participated, and hundreds of local exhibition games were held by dealers, and nearly 10000 customers participated. At these fairs, covering most of the national market, the quality is more China dir user understanding, to further enhance the market influence. The cultural integration, also let the deer increase relationship with Chinese customers, more down to earth. During the sales of its products and comprehensive sales, is the best proof.

This year is a crucial year for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" planning nexus, is the reform and opening up 40th anniversary. At the beginning of April, a clear signal of a new round of open release from this year's Boao forum for Asia: Chinese will not open the door closed, only bigger and bigger. This also provides policy support for the development of foreign brands in China, to make the Chinese market more international and to allow Chinese customers to enjoy better quality products and services. In 2018, the construction machinery industry will be based on the early rapid growth, into the stable development period, the rapid development of high quality for development. In this new round of market, you are the potential?

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