Production Facility

The machining workshop covers an area of 35 thousand square meters. Strong technical force, production facilities, possessing copying cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, shearing machine, bending machine, 1000 tons hydraulic machine, three roll trigger, CO2 welding machine, cars, milling, drilling, boring machine, shot blasting machine, 15 tons crane, metal detector and other production and testing equipment, also have gantry crane processing center, digital double-sided milling and boring machine, CNC flame cutting machine and other advanced processing equipment.

The assembly process of the loader mainly includes the chassis articulation, power and double change system assembly, transmission system assembly, operation device assembly, accessory assembly and electrical circuit connection. Adopt the industry leading flexible assembly line, optimize the process route, and effectively improve the assembly productivity. The engine is the source of loader power, Liteng loader is using domestic and foreign well-known brands such as "Cummings" , "Weichai", "Diesel", "Hangzhou Steyr" etc. engine. This series of engine adopts six cylinder, four stroke direct injection turbo belt, middle cooling, large power reserve coefficient, low speed and big torque, strong power and excellent performance.

Independent producing planetary type and countershaft type gear box has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable design, convenient operation, smooth gear shifting, reliable operation, widely used in power transmission engineering mechanical load and speed changes frequently, it can be in a certain range with the external load changes automatically change the output speed and torque, to ensure the engine is always in the maximum power and no flameout.

The drive axle adopts two stages reduction transmission system. The main reducer is spiral bevel gear, which has large bearing capacity and high transmission speed. The ordinary bevel gear differential mechanism is simple in structure and flexible in speed. The wheel reducer is a planetary transmission structure, compact and reasonable, and the output speed is stable. The axle housing is made of cast steel with good rigidity. The soma caliper disc brake, brake torque, braking and reliable.