Reinforced front and rear frame to improve overload resistance and torsion coefficient. Optimization of power system, improve the lifting capacity, with automatic flat lifting limit device, digging force, high work efficiency. The long wheelbase design overall frame can improve the traction and stability; with the double axle drive can improve the whole in bad condition through; full automatic hydraulic load sensing steering coaxial flow amplification, safe operation, flexible, double pump confluence to improve work efficiency; the elastic suspension shock absorber cab, spacious and comfortable interior space. Wider, more humane; increase 4 cubic bucket design, wear resistance and impact, reducing the overall cost of operation; 3.7 meters dumping height can satisfy the most high loading unloading conditions demand.


Forklift loaders are mainly used in mining stone handling operations, complete specifications, loading and unloading range from 18 tons to 45 tons, to meet different mining areas, different stone products handling requirements. The product uses the strengthening thickening structure design, comprehensively enhances the equipment carrying capacity and the stability. Simple and flexible pilot control system, advanced electronically controlled shift function, user-friendly visual operation monitoring system, comfortable multimedia play device, improve the vehicle handling performance. Strengthen the special drive axle, the rated load can reach 100 tons, make the equipment more safe and reliable. Increase the weight of the counterweight, effectively improve the load capacity and operation stability of the whole machine. High strength fork is made of special material and forging technology, more reliable and durable.


The multidimensional rotary container dumping handler is mainly used for loading and unloading containers. It is especially suitable for rotating, inclined unloading of containers, such as soybean, cement, sand and gravel, mining stone, subway mud. It can be directly on the rated load in the container to implement 360 degree rotary discharge, which can effectively improve the discharge efficiency and container circulation efficiency, also can transport the goods directly to the destination address for the implementation of unloading, heavy truck transport costs are high, and do not meet environmental requirements, and the dumping flat is with low efficiency, the discharge site is with hig construction investment. This product technology to fill the gap in the industry, belonging to the domestic and foreign initiative, the leading domestic technology level, the construction machinery industry is of great significance.